Boyet and Jet : 30 Years

I remember back in 2006 a priest saying that guests should never say “congratulations” when greeting the newlyweds and that it is more befitting to greet them with “best wishes” instead. “You don’t say congratulations to someone when they haven’t done anything yet”, he said. I thought it made a lot of sense. If someone is having a hard time with a simple task such as keeping a blog going on a regular basis, with all the personal stuffs, shoots and social networking thingies like twitter, instagram and FB around, imagine how hard it is to keep a marriage. Well, I’ve been throwing “Best wishes” out there, like how Lance Armstrong threw “I never used PEDs” whenever he was asked about it, ever since. I really thought it takes the cake in terms of wedding greetings. Oh and Lance, that’s a different story.

All that changed after witnessing Josiah’s Sir Boyet and Tita Jet, as I fondly call them, renew their vows last January 10 to celebrate 30 years of true and unconditional love. If you were there and didn’t feel love in the air, better have yourself checked – something is wrong with you. Simply put, seeing them that day made me realize what it is I really wish not only for our couples but for every single couple in this world of ours – that they all end up like Sir Boyet and Tita Jet. Check this out and see what I mean:

Boyet & Jet from Threelogy Video on Vimeo.

I may be singing a different tune when it comes to wedding greetings, but I still agree with the priest from seven years ago that you don’t say congratulations to someone when they haven’t done anything yet. And being around Sir Boyet, Tita Jet and seeing how tight their entire fam is, not to mention it’s their 30th anniversary, is more than enough to say that they’ve already done something and that they’ve done something good. So unlike Lance Armstrong, I believe this is in order for Sir Boyet and Tita Jet.

From the three of us, our family and the entire Threelogy team … CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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  1. I’m one lucky teenager who had witnessed their sincere love for each other that no matter what it takes,for better or worse ,they always cling on each other for moral,emotional,spiritual support.Their generous heart made them go this far.I AM SO PROUD OF THEM and proud to had the chance to live with them for 5 years.Truly,they contribute a lot on my personality,I was treated as a family member even up to this day.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ATE AND KUYA BOYET

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