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Ryan and Linda

Time and church restrictions prevented them from saying their personal vows at the ceremony. But Linda had the perfect alternative – send it to Ryan via text message. So here it is: Ryan, Linda and the text message from Long Beach, California.

Cezar and Jack

Cezar and Jack were simply themselves last May 10, the day of their wedding. They were fooling around with everyone like it’s an ordinary day. With their friends. Their relatives. But when it came down to saying their personal vows, the two took it up a notch. They both sang. Now Jack is a cousin […]

Jon and Rachel

A few lines from Rachel’s wedding vow: ” … you also know the terrible wife I am going to make. Can’t cook, can’t clean, can’t remember what I had for breakfast – the definition of a person unfit for domestication. Yet here you are ready to promise to love me with all my deficiencies for […]

Ardy Roberto and Miriam Quiambao

March 25, 2014 Ville Sommet Anthony Pangilinan, who hosted the newlywed’s wedding reception program with his stunning wife Maricel Laxa, actually paved the way for Miriam to meet Ardy. But it wasn’t to pair them up. Ardy was still reeling after his wife lost her battle with lupus. While Miriam, on the other hand, was […]

Yael and Karylle

March 21, 2014 San Antonio de Padua Angel Fileds We’ve had our fair share of celebrity weddings in the past, but from the moment we heard of Yael’s plans of having Gary V sing “Sana Maulit Muli” over and over again at the ceremony, we knew we were in for an awesome treat. And as […]

Edward + Joanna

Oh yeah, the cold, chilly days are about to end. Summer is creeping in and you can literally feel it breathing down your neck. And sad to say, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. But hey, we’ve got the entire summer to look forward to (I’m spending mine with the people I love […]

Sean and Ceejay

Here is our London couple Sean and Ceejay’s actual email they titled “OUR SINCEREST THANKS” : To Bong and the rest of the Threelogy team, WOW! We cannot thank you enough for all your time and hard work on the 4th January 2014. As hectic as it was on the day, you were most patient […]

Sherwin + Wena : Surigao

Sherwin and Wena were set to tie the knot last January 18, 2014 in Surigao del Norte. Headed by Jon, our team was upbeat about the trip because it was our first time in the province. And by some twist of fate, the first typhoon to visit our country this year, named Agaton, dropped by […]

Anthony + Ruth : 021314

I love it when couples know what they want and will go to great lengths to get them. Ladies and gents, one of the ultimate DIY couples – Ruth and Anthony. I met Ruth and Anthony when we shot their save-the-date video early last year. I kinda got to know both of them more during […]

Ge + Maan

Mimi’s (of M+K) little doctor brother, Ge, tied the knot last December 7 (with Maan, who also happens to be a doctor, the two have been together since medschool) and we were there to do what we do best – cover the event and put together an awesome video. Here is their SDE. It’s a […]